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25 Random Laws

It is unlawful to wear women’s pumps with sharp, high heels.
It is illegal to play catch in any city street.
One may not raffle off a dog as a gift in any public place.
Throwing eggs at a public speaker could result in up to one year in prison. (Repealed, 1975)
It is illegal to snooze on a train.
It’s illegal to catch mice without a hunting license!
Any person who persuades another to enter a massage therapist business after 11:00 PM is guilty of a misdemeanor.
The last Sunday in June of every year was named ?log cabin day?.
While it is legal to serve alcohol in a pool hall, all intoxicated persons must leave the premises.
Every high school in New Zealand is entitled to 1 pound of uranium, and 1 pound of thorium, for conducting nuclear experiments.
Six-year-old girls may not run around without being fully clothed.
One may not shoot any dog that is found wandering the streets.
Women who sit on men’s laps on buses or trains without placing a pillow between them face an automatic six-month jail term.
Women must have their bodies covered by at least 16 yards of cloth at all times.
It is illegal to shout offensive words in any public place.
You are forbidden to spit on the ground within 5 feet of another person.
It is illegal to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive between the hours of four and six PM.
It is illegal to get a fish drunk.
Beer and pretzels can’t be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant.
The Ohio driver’s education manual states that you must honk the horn whenever you pass another car.
The drinking age on Furman University campus is 60 years old.
The owners of houses with Christmas lights on them past February second may be fined up to $250.
To go to college you must be intelligent.
Solitaire may not be played on Sundays.
It is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a footpath.
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