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25 Random Laws

All fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires.
As it is considered pornographic, you may not walk around your home nude.
It is illegal to teach others what polygamy is.
Persons may not appear in public clothed in liquid latex.
Every high school in New Zealand is entitled to 1 pound of uranium, and 1 pound of thorium, for conducting nuclear experiments.
No person may carry a fish into a bar.
Fireworks stores may not sell fireworks to Pennsylvania residents.
It is illegal for ones car to run out of gas on the Autobahn.
New Year’s celebrations are somewhat bland in this town as fireworks may not be set off after 11:00 PM!
No male is allowed to be in a state of arousal in public.
All couples staying overnight in a hotel must have a room with double beds that are at least two feet apart.
Cars may not be driven through playgrounds.
It is illegal to drive down any street with beer in your car, even if it is unopened.
You may not make out in public.
Hunting camels is prohibited.
It is illegal to use water on even-numbered days for the sole purpose of watering plants, gardens, or lawns.
It is considered an offense to operate a mobile spay/neuter clinic – it is considered peddling.
No person may show his or her buttocks on a playground.
No one may ride a horse and buggy through the town square.
It is illegal to cry on the witness stand.
Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited.
It is illegal to place tacks on a highway.
It is illegal to display colored chickens for sale.
It is permissable to wear a holstered six-gun within city limits, except on Sunday, Election Day, or holidays.
If an animal control officer is in uniform, it signifies to the public that he is an animal control officer.
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