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Dumb Laws in North Carolina

City Laws in North Carolina

It is illegal to drive cars through city cemeteries for pleasure.
No one may visit their departed loved ones late at night.
Cars may not be driven on sidewalks.
It is illegal to throw rocks at a city street.
No person shall spit on a city street.
Elon College
There is to be no rollerblading during daylight hours, on the roads, or on the bricks.
Forest City
You must stop and call City Hall before entering town in an automobile.
Restaurants “with on sidewalk dining” must post their menu so that it is clearly readable from the sidewalk, but is not readable from the street.
Kill Devil Hills
You may not ride a bicycle without having both your hands on the handle bars.
Rocky Mount
It is required that you must pay a property tax on your dog.
Southern Shores
It is against the law to rollerblade on a state highway.
It is illegal to stand outside the police station for any purpose after dark.
No person may walk on top of the water tank of the city.

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