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Dumb Laws in United States

Drivers on mountains should drive with caution near the right hand edge of the highway –there are no mountains in Nebraska!
In Hawaii you will be fined for riding in the back of a passenger car without a seatbelt, however you can ride in the bed of a pickup truck with no safety equipment
It is against the law to have sex with a corpse in Illinois
Florida (accidentally) banned all computers and smart phones in internet cafes
Mississippi’s “Anti-Bloomberg Bill” will restrict towns and counties from regulating nutrition labeling
It is a crime to use a dead person’s handicapped parking sign or license plate
It is a felony to steal more than $1000 of grease
California prison workers will no longer be allowed to have sex with inmates
Sex offenders in Illinois are prohibited from participating in holiday events like handing out candy at Halloween and Easter or dressing like Santa at Christmas, except under specific circumstances
Film producers must have permission from a pediatrician before filming a child under the age of one month
Those under 21 can drink legally, but they must be enrolled in a culinary program to do so
The term “motor vehicle” was revised to exclude swamp buggies, deregulating the primary mode of transportation in the state.
It’s unlawful to let a dog pursue a bear or bobcat at any time.
A bill has been passed that restricts local planning agencies’ ability to use climate change science to predict sea-level rise.
In San Jose and Sunnyvale it is illegal for grocery stores to provide plastic bags.
It is illegal to hang “obstructions” form the rear view mirror, including fuzzy dice, air fresheners, GPS units, etc.
It is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity.
Nudity is allow, provided that male genitals are covered.
Women may walk in public topless provided they have their nipples covered.
Students may not hold hands while at school.

City Laws in United States

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