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Dumb Laws in Australia

The legal age for straight sex is 16, unless the person is in the care/custody of the older person, in which case it is 18.
Only licensed electricians may change a light bulb.
It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday.
A life sentence is 25 years. (Repealed)
You must have a neck to knee swimsuit in order to swim at Brighton Beach.
Children may not purchase cigarettes, but they may smoke them.
Until the Port Arthur Killings it was legal to own an AK-47 but not legal to be gay.
You may never leave your car keys in an unattended vehicle.
It is illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a cat burgular.
It is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a footpath.
Under Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations, a modem can’t pick up on the first ring.
Taxi cabs are required to carry a bale of hay in the trunk.
Bars are required to stable, water and feed the horses of their patrons.
Lawmakers are proposing a new law that will not allow anyone to come closer than 100 meters from a dead whale’s carcass.
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