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No person may roller skate and listen to a personal cd player at the same time.

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12.58.060 Helmets, lamps, other required equipment and prohibited equipment.

A. Operators of scooters, in-line skates or roller skates shall wear helmets approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Snell Memorial Foundation, or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), wrist guards, elbow pads and kneepads.

B. Whenever an operator of a scooter, in-line skates or roller skates utilizes the sidewalk or permitted public roadway areas at nighttime, the operator shall be equipped with either (1) a lamp which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet to the front, and with a red reflector of a type which shall be visible from all distances from fifty feet to three hundred feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful upper beams of head lamps on a motor vehicle; or (2) a lamp emitting a red light visible from the distance of five hundred feet to the rear together with clearly visible reflectorized clothing.

C. No person shall operate scooters, roller skates or in-line skates on a permitted public roadway area or sidewalk while listening to a portable radio, compact disc (CD) or tape player.

(Ord. BL2001-696 § 1 (part), 2001; Ord. 98-1352 § 6 (part), 1998)

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