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You cannot pump your own gas.

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Hersh, Pam. To Pump or Not to Pump. Princeton Packet. 3 May, 2000.

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Oregeon and New Jersey are the only two states in the United States that require attendents to pump gas at gas stations. There are many arguments for it, but many are not very well substantiated. It is claimed that it should not matter because gas prices are lower in these two states. Insurance costs for gas stations go down slightly if a "qualified attendent" is pumping the gas, but they must also pay for the cost of hiring an extra worker. Combined with varying taxes on gasoline between states, its true affect on gas price is anyone's guess. It is also claimed that having your own gas pumped for you is superior because drivers don't have to brave the elements and fiddle with the gas pump and their gas cap. With the exception of a few elderly and disabled persons, most people are perfectly capable of getting out of their car in a covered area for five minutes and place a nozzle in their gas tank. Another argument is that by forcing consumers to go to gas stations with attendents, it helps out the job market. Opponents argue that employing these people is merely a waste of money, and if jobs are needed, other opportunities could easily be created (i.e. city beatification). Regardless of the truth behind the matter, Oregon and New Jersey are keeping this law on the books and fully enforcing it.

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