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Persons in possession of a “pea shooter” risk it being conviscated by police.

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Sec. 18-202. Possession of b-b guns, spring guns, slingshots, beanies.

(a) Prohibition. No person within the city shall have within his or her possession, except within his or her own domicile, or carry or use any air gun, "b-b" gun, gas operated gun or spring gun, or any instrument, toy, or weapon commonly known as a "pea shooter," "slingshot," or "beanie," or any instrument made for the purpose of throwing or projecting missiles of any kind by any means whatsoever except those described in section 18-201, whether such instrument is called by any name set forth in this subsection, or by any other name. The prohibition of this section shall not apply to the possession of an unloaded "b-b" gun, gas operated gun or spring gun by a person, in the daylight hours, when going from his domicile to a point outside the city or returning from a point outside the city to his domicile. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent a person from using such instrument in the lawful defense of his or her person, property or family.

(b) Forfeiture of weapons. Every person convicted of a violation of subsection (a) shall forfeit to the city the weapons or instruments so involved in the violation of this section.

c) Disposition of confiscated weapons. Every police officer, upon making any arrest and taking weapons used in violation of subsection (a) shall deliver the same to the city judge to be held by him or her until the final determination of the prosecution of the offense. Upon the finding of guilt, it shall then be the duty of the judge to cause the weapons to be delivered to the city administrator who shall make disposition of the weapons.

(Code 1967, ยง10.44.020)

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