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Any person who fails to close a fence is subject to a fine of up to seven hundred and fifty dollars.

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6-9-202. Neglect to close fences; penalty.

A person is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) if he opens and neglects to close a gate or replace bars in a fence which crosses a private road or a river, stream or ditch.

About This Law

Ranches often use natural obstacles (such as rivers or streams) as fences. Livestock tend not to cross water unless they are forced to. Leaving a gate at a crossing of one of these open means that livestock may exit their contained areas. This is also the reason why small private bridges are often made of open bars or pipe - just like dogs will often refuse to walk across a sewer grate, livestock won't cross a bridge that they can see through.

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