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Citizens are taxed because it rains on their property.

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City Services - Stormwater Utility - Stormwater Rates and Credits

All developed properties in Rock Island pay a Stormwater Utility charge based upon an estimate of the property's impervious area. Impervious areas are hard surfaced features such as rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and awnings. Stormwater Utility rates are included on the monthly or quarterly City utility bills whenever possible.

Stormwater Credits

The owners of large properties may be able to reduce Stormwater Utility charges by the construction and maintenance of on-site storm water management facilities (such as detention basins) designed to reduce runoff quantity and improve runoff quality. If the facilities meet the requirements of the Rock Island Stormwater Credit Manual, the Stormwater Utility charge will be reduced.

The Stormwater Utility fund pays for City staff, equipment, supplies, infrastructure maintenance, levee maintenance, emergency repairs, engineering services, construction projects, project reviews, field reviews, ordinance enforcement, and more.


Original Adoption...April 14, 2003
Sec. 1-9. Exempted Discharges:

(3) Rising ground waters. (8) Air conditioning condensate. (14) Water from individual car washing on properties residential zoned. Stormwater Utility Rates Single Family Detached Homes -Small Parcels..........$2.96 per month - gross area less than 6,000 square feet -Medium Parcels......$3.95 per month - gross area between 6,000 and 18,000 square feet -Large Parcels..........$4.94 per month - gross area between 18,000 and 87,120 square feet All Other Properties -3.83 per month per Impervious Area Unit (IAU).

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About This Law

The Rock Island Rain Water tax is used to deal with storm water runoff. It taxes people that pave large areas and have large roofs at a higher rate than people who say have sod roofs and small driveways.

Citizens are taxed because it rains on their property. They are not taxed for flood waters, water dripping from the air conditioner or washing the car at home. This tax pays for city jobs and paperwork.

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