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It is against town ordinances to camp out on your own land more than 72 hours a month. If you want to camp out for 2 weeks you need a permit, which can only be obtained once a year.

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A.) Camping units shall not be occupied outside of an approved camp ground for more than seventy-two (72) hours on any basis. A special permit may be granted by the ZEO for single camping units to be occupied outside of approved campgrounds for a period not to exceed two weeks in duration per calendar year. (Amended 08.05.96)

B.) For the purposes of this section improved property shall be land (lot) upon which there is a dwelling that conforms to the articles of this Ordinance.

C.) No more than two (2) Camping Units may be parked on any property at the same time.

D.) All Camping Units are to be placed on the side and rear lots of improved property.

E.) Placement of Camping Units must be in accordance with the setbacks required for buildings in the respective zone of the property.

F.) The Camping Unit must either have self contained sanitation or be connected to adequate sanitation facilities.

Read the full text of the law (page 42).

About This Law

Back in the 1960s the town of Murray enacted this ordinance and when someone from Kendall heard about it they thought it was a "good idea." The Murray town lawyer brought their ordinance up to Kendall and worked with the Kendall lawyer to change the name, a few details, and then the board voted on it and enacted it.

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