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Ohio bans bath salts

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Ohio HB 64

To amend sections 149.43, 149.45, 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.11, 3719.01, and 3719.41 and to enact section 3719.013 of the Revised Code to add synthetic cannabinoids commonly known as K2 or Spice to the list of Schedule I controlled substances, to prohibit the possession of Spice, to prohibit trafficking in Spice, to provide that if Spice is the drug involved in a violation of the offense of corrupting another with drugs the penalty for the violation will be the same as if marihuana was the drug involved in the offense, to add six synthetic derivatives of cathinone that have been found in bath salts to the list of Schedule I controlled substances, to define a "controlled substance analog" for purposes of the Controlled Substances Law, and to treat controlled substance analogs as Schedule I controlled substances, and to specify that the residential and familial information of probation officers and bailiffs is not a public record.

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About This Law

The product causes side effects similar to marijuana and cocaine, leading to hallucinations, chest pains and loss of motor control.

Two Ohio men were recently arrested under the new bath salt law.

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