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No person may be buried under a sidewalk of a cemetery.

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Sec. 9-1. Burial in streets, etc.; in lots, authorization, holding city harmless. No body shall be buried in any of the streets, lanes, nor walkways in any city cemetery. No body shall be buried in any lot in any city cemetery until after the written interment request has been properly executed by the lot owner or relative of the deceased or the funeral director in charge of the funeral arrangements. Such interment request shall be submitted to the sexton or cemetery superintendent at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of burial services. Such interment request shall be of the following form: INTERMENT REQUEST--CONSOLIDATED GOVERNMENT OF COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Date_________, 19_________. You are hereby authorized and instructed, subject to your rules and regulations to enter the remains of _________ Grave Space No. _________, Lot No. _________, Section _________ Cemetery _________ Owner of said lot being (or Deed) _________ The deceased was age _________, Sex _________, Social Security No. _________, Residence _________ DATE OF DEATH _________, DATE OF BIRTH _________ I hereby certify that I am the _________ (Relative, Lot Owner Or Funeral Director) of the above named decedent and this is your authority to make disposition of the remains of said decedent as above indicated. I further certify and represent that I have the right to make this authorization, and I agree to hold the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia harmless from any liability on account of said authorization and interment. Authorized Signature _________ Address _________ (Name of Funeral Director) This request shall be submitted to the sexton or cemetery superintendent not less than 24 hours before the burial service is scheduled. The burial service shall not be scheduled later than 4:30 p.m. I hereby authorize the above interment: Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia, By: _________ The interment request shall be executed in triplicate, the original of which shall be filed at the cemetery, one copy shall be forwarded to the clerk of council for his files and the third copy shall be submitted to the funeral director in charge of the funeral arrangements. It shall be the duty of the sexton or the cemetery superintendent to obtain the executed interment request prior to the opening of the grave. (Code 1914, § 582; Ord. No. 72-197, § 1, 10-10-72)

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