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One commits a nuisance if he or she leaves a large amount of trash in their own vehicle.

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Sec. 9-1-113. Conditions affording food or harborage for rats. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to place, leave, dump or permit to accumulate any garbage, rubbish or trash in any building, vehicle and their surrounding areas in the town so that the same shall or may afford food or harborage for rats. Any violation of this subsection shall constitute a nuisance. (b) It shall be unlawful and constitute a nuisance for any person to permit to accumulate on any premises, improved or vacant, or on any open lots or streets in the town, any lumber, boxes, barrels, bricks, stones or similar materials and permit them to remain thereon unless the same shall be placed on open racks that are elevated not less than eighteen (18) inches above the ground and evenly piled or stacked, so that these materials will not afford harborage for rats or violate any other provisions of this chapter. (Ord. No. 84-3, 2-6-84)

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