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A prince or princess who marries without the consent of the government, that person forfeits the right of succession for his/her children and all other descendants.

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The Act of Succession according to which the male heirs begotten by His
Noble-Born Highness, the elected Crown Prince of Sweden, His Royal Highness
Prince JOHAN BAPTIST JULIUS of Ponte-Corvo, shall have the right to the Royal
throne of Sweden and to accede to the government of Sweden; adopted and
confirmed by the King and the Estates of the Realm at the extraordinary session of
the Parliament in Orebro on Sep. 26, 1810.


We, the undersigned Estates of the Realm of Sweden, counts, barons, bishops,
knights, and nobility, clergy, burghers and peasants, now convened in extraordinary
general session of the Parliament here in Orebro, hereby make known that, with the
decease, without male heirs begotten by him, of His Noble-Born Highness, the
elected Crown Prince of Sweden, His Royal Highness Prince CARL AUGUST, and
by our choice, as evidenced by the Act of Agreement and Election of August 21,
1810, of His Noble-Born Highness, Prince JOHAN BAPTIST JULIUS of Ponte-Corvo,
as Crown Prince of Sweden, to succeed to the government of Sweden and its
subordinate provinces His Royal Majesty, our present most gracious King and Lord,
Carl XIII, after his death (be it long deferred by the Grace of God Almighty) to be
crowned and hailed as King of Sweden, and to govern the Realm, on the conditions
specified in the above-named Act of Agreement and Election as well as in the royal
oath to be made, as required by us, by His Noble-Born Highness, we have this day
determined and confirmed for the legitimate direct male heirs of His Royal Highness
JOHAN BAPTIST JULIUS, Prince of Ponte-Corvo, the following order of succession
to the crown and government of Sweden. applicable in the manner and on the
conditions expressly set forth below

Article 1
The right of succession to the throne of Sweden is vested in the male and female
descendants of King Carl XVI Gustaf, Crown Prince Johan Baptist Julii, later King
Karl XIV Johan's, issue in direct line of descent. In this connection, elder siblings
and their descendants have precedence over younger siblings and their

Article 2
The provisions of this Act of Succession relating to The King shall relate to The
Queen if The Queen is Head of State.

Article 3

Article 4
In accordance with the express provision of Article 2 of the Instrument of
Government of 1809 that The King shall always profess the pure evangelical faith, as
adopted and explained in the unaltered Confession of Augsburg and in the
Resolution of the Uppsala Meeting of the year 1593, princes and princesses of the
Royal House shall be brought up in that same faith and within the Realm. Any
member of the Royal Family not professing this faith shall be excluded from all
rights of succession.

Article 5
A prince or princess of the Royal House may not marry unless the Government
has given its consent thereto upon application from The King. Should a prince or a
princess marry without such consent, that prince or princess forfeits the right of
succession for himself, his children and their descendants.

Article 6

Article 7
The heir to the throne may not embark on foreign travel without The King's
knowledge and consent.

Article 8
A prince or princess of the Royal House of Sweden may not become the sovereign
ruler of a foreign state whether by election, succession, or marriage without the
consent of The King and the Parliament. Should this occur, neither he nor she nor
their descendants shall be entitled to succeed to the throne of Sweden.

Article 9

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