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Security guards at Joe Louis Arena will confiscate any item they feel might be thrown onto the ice.

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The first octopus was tossed on the ice on April 15, 1952, during the Red Wings' Stanley Cup playoff run. Devoted fans of the team, Pete and Jerry Cusimano, two fishmonger brothers, tossed a mollusk onto the ice during the game at that fateful night. Back then, the NHL consisted of six teams, and a team only needed eight wins (two best-of-seven playoff series) to win the Stanley Cup. Each tentacle of the octopus symbolized one playoff victory. The Wings won the Cup that year, and since then, octopi have made periodic appearances Olympia Stadium on the Detroit ice.
Obviously, to protect the participants of playoff games, the law jailing persons caught throwing octopii on the ice is really not so dumb.

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