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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Dumb Laws?
We started Dumb Laws because we knew there were literally hundred of dumb, stupid, and ridiculous laws still on the books, and once we uncovered them, people would definitely be interested in seeing them.

When did you start this site?
Dumb Laws was initially called “Stupid Laws”? when we founded it in September, 1998. We changed the name to Dumb Laws when we purchased the domain name in December, 1998.

Are all these laws real?
We have done our best to maintain the accuracy of this database, however, we are not lawyers and do not have the time nor resources to explore the topic as thoroughly as we would like. If you have information that conflicts with ours, please let me know!

For those who like fine print: I make no representation, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the material posted on this web site. It is for entertainment only, and you should do your own research before using this information for any purpose.

Iâ??m from ______ and you left out my country!
Be proud, because that absolutely, positively, 100% means you have no dumb laws. Just kidding. It probably means I just havenâ??t had a chance to research your country. If you have evidence of ridiculous laws in your country, feel free to contact me.

I think youâ??re an idiot, what do I do?
Keep it to yourself. The last thing I need is one more nutjob emailing me to tell me Iâ??m the crazy one.

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We are always on the lookout for new laws that make you laugh because of their sheer absurdity. If you know about a law that is not listed here, please contact me!